Data Science & Engineering

Accelerate & Reshape Engineering

Use our expertise in optimization and automation to accelerate and boost your engineering business.

Accelerate & Reshape Engineering


3D Simulation

Fluid flow simulation with OpenFOAM, ANSYS and Star-CCM+

Process Automation

Automation of workflows for repeated numerical calculations.

Cloud Computing

Development of containerized distributed systems and clusters
(Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, GCloud, …)


Spend less time managing your data, setting up calculations and deploying the infrastructure with dicehub.

dicehub — Simulation & Data Management platform

  • Create studies, explore and iterate designs
  • Collaborate with engineers and scientists in real time
  • Automate your tasks
  • Manage large data sets and scale your calculations

DICE — Dynamic Interface for Computation and Evaluation

  • Manage workflows with tailor-made CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) applications
  • Use DICE API for quick application development in QML and Python
  • Create modular applications with standardized interface / communication pipeline
  • Use dockerized simulation tools in DICE